Dedicated Service Group

We have developed a streamlined process to be able to respond quickly to client needs and provide fast turnaround. We are a nimble group, because our clients expect nothing less than responsive service.

Our Service Group is staffed with our most senior employees, because they have the most troubleshooting knowledge at their disposal. They handle all levels of issues, from simple wiring of telephony to high-bandwidth connections in the main data center.

Our #1 Focus

We’re committed to providing you with the service you need, when you need it. Service professionals can be on-site within 3 days — or within 4 hours on an emergency basis, whether the issue to be resolved is inside or outside plant.

Service calls fall primarily into the MAC category (Move, Add, Change). This can involve getting new products installed, e.g. setting up internet and phone connectivity for additional employees. But we’re here to help no matter what help is called for. If you need an extra hand to move furniture to help get the IT installed, we’re for you.

Maintenance Services

Premiere’s Maintenance service handles all of the “health and ongoing operations” needs of IT installations. Typically this will be comprised of multi-year maintenance agreements for the Layer II products and services that we install.

All of our installations of Layer II products such as telephony, wireless, and security equipment, have regular maintenance agreements. These are critical, industry-standard offerings.

Contact us to learn more about our IT system maintenance services.