Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

Premiere Communications and Consulting is prepared to add wireless capability to your existing computer network. Wireless networks add the ability to increase productivity by allowing employees the flexibility to be mobile throughout an entire office complex.

Two main issues to consider with installation of Wi-Fi: security and speed. Speed is increasing every day and with the newer “N” technology, wireless access points can reach speeds up to 150 Mbps. This allows more users and more traffic. In addition to firewalls and routers typical to most local area networks, access points can be individually programmed to require encrypted passwords for company use while at the same time acting as a true Wi-Fi device for use by the public.

The success of any wireless network installation rests on proper setup of the wireless network, with WiFi security and reliability being key. Premiere has the experience to consult, design and implement WiFi / Wireless network solutions, including:

  • Wireless Access Point Design, Heat Map, Installation, Setup & Commissioning
  • Multi-vendor WiFi/Wireless Router Installation including Cisco, Avaya, Linksys, Dlink and ICCN
  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Outdoor Broadband Wireless / WiFi
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi-Point Wireless
  • Wireless VOIP
  • Wireless Video Surveillance, Wireless Security Cameras & Systems

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