POE Lighting / IP Lighting

POE Lighting / IP Lighting

“Network Convergence” also referred to as “Digital Convergence” is now a common trend that actually started about 10 years ago. The speed at which companies are adopting this philosophy is only increasing as the Networks of today become more and more robust. We at Premiere view Network Transmission as the next Utility, and Data Analytics as the fuel for the popularity of intelligent workplaces. Sensors, beacons, and data will be used to tailor-fit the environment for its users while decreasing energy expenditure. Computers and devices will gather data about employee preferences regarding light levels and temperature, and subsequently automate the process of creating that environment.

IP Lighting also known as PoE Lighting is the next evolution of convergence on to the Network. It started with VoIP Phones, and now we see Card Access, CCTV and AV solutions all riding on the Network of Today.  Cisco sees Commercial Building Lighting  packages as a natural trend for Data Analytics in what they refer to as the  the “Digital Ceiling.”

Premiere Communications & Consulting has been building the Network Infrastructure Highway within the Commercial Enterprise space for over 25 years, and we would be happy to help your organization through the Digital Convergence transition for PoE Lighting.

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