Paging & Sound Masking Systems

Paging & Sound Masking Systems

Premiere Communications and Consulting is pleased to offer the design and installation of loudspeaker paging and sound masking systems, a complementing service to Voice over IP initiatives.

What is and why do companies need a loudspeaker paging and sound masking system?

A loudspeaker paging system that is integrated into your converged network can quickly notify employees of daily workplace occurrences as well as provide easy accessibility to notify employees across a corporate campus of a potentially dangerous situation.

Typical Paging Systems options may include:

  • 25 or 70 Volt Paging System – This system requires an amplifier interfaced to your phone system or microphone. It uses a 2-conductor 16/18 gauge wire shielded or unshielded for cabling. There are several types of speakers and horns to choose from.
  • Self Amplified System – This system requires an interface to your phone system or microphone. As the name implies each speaker, or horn, has a small built-in amplifier. These require 24-volt power supplies and each speaker requires 4-pair category 5e or category 6 cabling.
  • SIP Paging Systems – This system can be combined with traditional paging systems when there is a need to reach additional buildings in a campus environment or across the world. With a network-based SIP paging system you can page over the data network to IP speakers or analog paging system. The system can be configurable from a web browser.
  • Sound Masking – A sound masking system brings “low level background noise” into the work space, to disguise intruding and annoying noises and conversations that are usually present in office complexes. Sound masking systems provide a noise comparable to the sound that a quiet industrial air conditioning unit makes – a soft “whooshing” sound.

The importance of both systems is crucial to a company, in order to notify employees of important messages as well as providing a comfortable working environment that is conducive to productivity.

Premiere has the expertise and partnerships with the leading paging and sound masking manufactures so you can be assured your investment in these technologies will live up to your expectations. Contact us to learn more about our company’s Paging & Sound Masking systems.

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