Comprehensive IT Services

Comprehensive IT Services

We do it all. And we do it well.

Premiere Communications & Consulting provides a wide array of comprehensive IT solutions to our clients, from Layer One structured cabling with the capability to handle expanding data transmission speeds, to Layer Two IP security solutions, wireless solutions, telephony and more. And unlike our competitors, we have a full-time team dedicated solely to providing service & repair.

Services Offered

Structured Cabling Installation – A Structured Cabling System (SCS) provides a universal platform upon which an overall IT strategy is built. We can help you implement the best solution as it relates to your facility life cycle and your specific IT strategy. We take each client’s specific requirements, conditions, and future plans into consideration. Of course, all of our structured cabling
projects follow the BICSI installation guidelines for horizontal and backbone distribution transport systems, and we’re certified to support all the major tier one solutions in our industry today.

Wireless Solutions – We are prepared to add wireless capability to your existing computer network. Wireless networks add the ability to increase productivity by allowing employees the flexibility to be mobile throughout an entire office complex.

Integrated IP Security Solutions – We design, install and service video, voice and data systems for physical security to a variety of organizations. These critical services can include access control, HD Video/CCTV, intercom, emergency call/evacuation and optical turnstiles.

Passive Optical Networks – Virtually everyone who works in an office environment is struggling with the enterprise-wide mandate to do more work with less money and resources. Implementing a Passive Optical Network (PON) is a green, energy-efficient solution that reduces capital and operating expenses. It’s passive in that the optical transmission has no power requirements or active electronic parts once the signal is going through the network. We install passive optical fiber LAN solutions to interconnect stationary Ethernet-based systems, such as end-user devices, access points and wireless controllers, application servers and printers.

Cellular Enhancement – Cellular Enhancement Systems, also known as Cellular Repeaters/Boosters, are a telecommunications solution used to extend and distribute the cellular signal of a given Mobile Network Operator (MNO) within a building. We most often offers the Cellular Enhancement/Cellular Repeater Option for clients where the cost of a full-blown DAS implementation is cost-prohibitive. It is a cost effective and easily deployed system for isolated sections of a building, or small build-outs where coverage is an issue.

Paging & Sound Masking Systems – We are pleased to offer the design and installation of loudspeaker paging and sound masking systems, a complementary service to Voice over IP initiatives. We have the expertise and partnerships with the leading paging and sound masking manufacturers so you can be assured your investment in these technologies will live up to your expectations.

Telephony – Business telephone systems are key tools for every business, providing the ability for staff and customers to communicate with each other. We will work with you to understand your requirements and to optimize and customize your telephone system to suit you.

Audio Visual Solutions – In business today, being able to engage and hold the attention of your customers and your own internal organization is critical to success. You need high-performance communication technology to do it. We can engineer comprehensive audio-visual solutions to meet your needs. Once installed, our dedicated service team is here to support you throughout
the lifetime of your system. Our AV Solutions include:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Displays
  • Meeting Room Control Solutions
  • Digital Media
  • IP Based Lighting Solutions
  • Audio Systems

Managed Services – Sometimes referred to as Staff Augmentation Services, our Managed Services provide you with mission-critical IT staffing at your company to handle ongoing or short-term needs on-site. These IT specialists work as employees of Premiere but report to your management. Managed Services fill an unmet need in many cases, such as at small companies that don’t have or wish to staff full-time IT personnel, or at larger clients who need to expand their facilities onto new campuses. Our recruitment team specializes in technical staffing, including Project Management, Network Engineering, System Administration, and Storage Engineering. Let us be your professional staffing agency for the IT space.