Benefits of AV over IP

Enterprise organizations look at ways to increase efficiencies and cut overhead costs the larger they grow. One of the strategies implemented is providing a secure platform to create a scalable AV environment. In short, a scalable AV environment results in significant cost savings when future-proofing conference rooms, board rooms, huddle spaces, etc. As opposed to traditional AV environments, AV over IP refers to the use of standard network equipment to transmit, control and switch video and audio. This allows significantly for more flexibility and less cabling in AV projects.

Flexibility and Scalability

  • Connect as many encoders and decoders as your network design allows — with the ability to scale up at lower costs
  • Add a source, display, or another room at any time
  • All devices are installed into the MDF
  • Share source devices across all rooms for an interconnected, multi-room solution

Cost Effective

  • Save costs by avoiding buying expensive AV switches and gives the ability to manage a large number of multi-point displays from a single investment
  • Re-purpose existing infrastructure and share source devices

Easy to Design and Install

  • Integration is simple and can utilize existing network infrastructure, depending on the bandwidth required
  • Premiere uses CAT6 cabling throughout to bring you a better, stronger, faster solution
  • No proprietary cabling or connectors
  • Removes physical point-to-point connections, making changes and replacements simpler and more efficient

Premiere’s solutions are designed to interoperate across the growing networked AV landscape with a choice of platforms to fit your needs. Our AV-over-IP solutions offer the best value combined with the ease-of-use and security you need. Call us today to learn how an AV-over-IP solution can benefit your company.