COVID-19 Customer Support & Continuity of Operations

Premiere Communications & Consulting is Open & Ready to Support You as an Essential Critical Infrastructure Company

Globally we are facing a new reality in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our customers and industry partners are making significant and unprecedented changes in their daily operations in response to the virus for everyone’s safety.  Some organizations are electing to close offices to non-essential employees in accordance with CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines ro reduce the spread of the virus.  Others are enabling teammates to operate remotely with communication tools to support this growing, immediate need, with support from upgraded networks.

As an essential critical infrastructure company, Premiere is fully prepared to support our customers and their continuity of operations plans with our employees taking proper precautions on job sites and through those working remotely.  Premiere can help solve and support the technical challenges that have quickly mounted for organizations that need to rapidly enable remote workforces as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Premiere can assist with unified communications and collaboration platforms to enable remote workers to work seamlessly from their homes.

Premiere is here to help. If you need support, please call us at (800) 398-9831 or Contact Us via the website.

If your organization is in immediate need of or plans to seek additional IT and technical support, Premiere’s Managed Services team stands ready to support your needs. Please contact us at (800) 398-9831 or via email at [email protected], or contact your existing Premiere team member contact.

Enabling Productive Remote Work

Premiere has tremendous depth and breadth in enterprise mobility and network infrastructures. Premiere designs, installs, and provides post-implementation support for wireless network solutions that enable enterprises to seamlessly connect anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device – securely and reliably

In order to enable productive remote work, organizations must first ensure that remote workers have the ability to connect to the enterprise. A preconfigured secure remote access point allows remote workers, in any location with internet access, to connect to the enterprise network. This means that remote users can access the same applications, services, files, and network devices seamlessly from home. Simply provide a remote access point for your employee’s home network, and they’ll soon be back online as if they were in the office.

Secure Connectivity: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Working from home is no different than working in the office when it comes to cybersecurity. When rapidly deploying any technology, security is often overlooked, so organizations should pick a solution that enables secure connectivity. VPN’s are one of the most effective tools for securing the remote access transport. A VPN is a secure, private and anonymous network connection that runs over a public or untrusted internet service. Through a secure client, remote workers can access the enterprise network, applications, services, and files as if they were sitting at their desk. VPN connections can be deployed via a software client or through a preconfigured wireless remote access point with built-in VPN capabilities. A rapidly deployable, scalable VPN solution can ensure the entire enterprise network transport from laptops to enterprise resources remains secure and stable as remote workers connect from a wide variety of home networking environments.

The Impact of Physical Security on Continuity of Operations

As organizations rush to implement their continuity of operations plans and to deploy large scale remote workforce solutions, it is important to consider how physical security solutions can protect your enterprise, people, property, and critical assets with vacant or lightly staffed sites. Regardless of size of your organization, HR and Security staff must work together to limit the COVID-19 collateral damage. The people in your organization responsible for Security Systems and Security Officers are the first line of defense. These critical personnel may find themselves working remotely where they will need remote access to alarm, video, and access control systems and perhaps the ability to remotely answer intercom systems. Success will depend on creating sustainable remote operations allowing them to rapidly detect and respond to an event. Organizations can solve these challenges by deploying and leveraging a variety of solutions such as secure cloud-based physical security monitoring and management platforms.

Premiere is here to help. If you need support, please call us at (800) 398-9831.