Emerging trends to watch out for in 2020

No matter the size of your business or what industry you’re in, you should learn about emerging technology trends to improve efficiency, cost savings, performance, and better manage and control your company’s IT. The way we work, shop, and live has changed the demands of technology and our connectivity to it. Here are 5 emerging trends that you should watch out for in 2020.

IP PoE lighting

Smart building lighting
This innovative lighting technology is the next evolution of convergence to the network. These systems merge technological advances in low voltage (DC) LED lighting with technological advances in PoE IP networking. These enhancements greatly contribute to overall effectiveness and efficiency of your commercial or facility and provide significant cost savings.

In a connected PoE system, each light links to the building’s IT network. A building’s lighting and energy usage can be monitored and controlled from a single mobile device. Lighting can be customized for each office and meeting space, providing a more productive and enjoyable working environment.

The Edge, in Amsterdam, is the result of a partnership between OVG Real Estate, Philips and the main tenant, Deloitte. PoE lighting throughout the building provides facility managers with an integrated view of the building’s occupancy patterns and energy usage. Via an app on their smartphones, employees can adjust the temperature and the brightness of the light above their desk, supporting workplace productivity.

Estimated to be a $1.26B industry by 2026, PoE lighting will soon be the norm for any modern commercial building. Premiere Communications & Consulting has been building the Network Infrastructure Highway within the Commercial Enterprise space for over 25 years. We would be happy to help your organization through the Digital Convergence transition for PoE Lighting.

Impact of 5G & small cell

Always connected
Imagine being able to stream anything without having to worry about poor signal or data limits. Everybody is anticipating 5G and the impact it will have on the way we work, shop, and live. Realtime data streaming, limitless bandwidth, autonomous vehicles, and remote device control will all drastically change the customer experience.

Because of 5G’s incredible speeds, we will be constantly connected to the cloud. 5G will touch all industries in both B2C and B2B and will become a part of critical infrastructure in all industries.

5G networks will soon become the standard of connectivity, but it will be a long process to pave the way for a national 5G network. A large-scale and rapid deployment of small cells will be necessary to serve as a foundation for these networks. Installing small cells won’t be an easy task since it can take years to determine optimal locations for each small cell and acquiring permits for each location.

New devices are already being released featuring ‘5G compatibility’ though we don’t know exactly when to expect 5G. Whenever 5G makes its entrance to the world of IoT, Premiere Communications & Consulting is prepared to make the leap to installing true 5G compatible devices.

GPON networks

Faster speeds and longer reach
GPON or Gigabyte Passive Optical Networks is the next evolution in structured cabling. These networks are capable of transmitting Ethernet, TDM and ATM traffic at high speeds and longer reach. Switching to GPON can have significant short and long term savings since they are reliable and easily expandable. GPON technology also reduces spacial requirements for cable pathways by up to 80%. In addition, GPONs are 95% more energy efficient as opposed to standard copper cabling.

Interested in upgrading your structured cabling to a Passive Optical Network? Our team is able to design, build, and maintain GPON and optical LANs to deliver increased network security, performance, and operational efficiency. Learn more about the capabilities of PONs here.

Rise of huddle rooms

Smaller meeting spaces to support mobile workforce
The demand for flexible workspaces has lead to an increase in smaller, multi-use huddle room meeting spaces. These spaces are ideal for impromptu meetings and break out areas for workers to collaborate without noisy distractions. We see companies transitioning to this style of meeting space to support remote workers and the staggering cost of maintaining These spaces require space-efficient plug-and-play equipment.

Huddle rooms can be set up easily using new collaboration devices specifically designed to allows users to share images, videos, presentations and more content easily and in seconds. Premiere Communications & Consulting is partnered with Kramer Electronics, Polyom, Lifesize, JBL, and other industry leading companies to bring you power conferencing solutions. Call us today to see how we can transform your meeting space.


The future of surveillance technology
Artificial Intelligence has changed the way we analyze data. This allows us to improve our security with quick data collection and automated analysis. CCTV cameras that now integrate AI are able to detect faces of individual people, their relatives and even situations within the camera’s view.

Deep-learning AI is capable of analyzing footage and detecting anomalies such as hazardous or hostile situations, and can quickly trigger an alert. AI is already helping the security industry by automating repetitive tasks, allowing organizations to reallocate human staff. AI can “watch” hundreds of hours of video in a matter of seconds. It also can distinguish between individual recordings, ideal if looking for a specific vehicle or person.

Prepared for the future

Premiere Communication & Consulting leads the way with integrating these emerging technologies in your workplace. Our team has experience installing these systems for companies throughout the Carolinas. See how we can help bring you technology solutions to future proof your company’s IT.