Your communication systems rely on your network

An influx of traffic on your network can put a strain on your bandwidth and storage. Web conferences, file sharing, video streaming, and other online applications can put a strain on your network’s bandwidth. Having a growing business with multiple locations can add to the burden on your network. Outdated cabling and wireless access points (WAPs) and poor network design can also slow internet speeds, impacting workplace productivity. This can lead to insufficient network security, making it susceptible to data leaks or cyber attacks.

Premiere Communications & Consulting helps design, build, and maintain proper network infrastructure needed to provide reliable connectivity and data security. If you’re planning to upgrade your current network or want to know how you can safeguard your company’s wireless system, here are some necessary things your network needs to be successful.

Optimize your bandwidth
A demand for bandwidth continues to skyrocket as new apps and video streaming need faster data and download speeds. Sufficient bandwidth ensures your operations run as fast as your internet.

Perform network backups
Network backup is an integral part of the data recovery and restoration process. We suggest routine backups to protect your company’s data in the case of a disaster or cyberattack. With your data backed up and a plan in place to recover it, your can have peace of mind knowing that you have a safety net.

Upgrade your cabling
For better Wi-Fi connections and a well functioning network, you should consider replacing old ethernet cables and upgrading your network cabling. Network cabling provides the backbone for your entire infrastructure. A cabling upgrade can deliver a return on investment through productivity and efficiency gains, and will ultimately result in lower costs.

Whether you wish to upgrade to Cat6, Cat7, or fiber optic cabling, Premiere Communications & Consulting can help you determine which cabling will meet all current and future system needs. For over 25 years, structured cabling has been our core competency. We understand the importance of having a well functioning cabling network.

Upgrade your WAPs
Installing new wireless access points will allow you to access information faster with increased Wi-Fi data rates, capacity, and coverage for a better internet experience. WAPs enable Wi-Fi networks to scale longer distances and number of clients. Access points can also bridge local Wi-Fi networks to connect with older wired networks.

Routine assessment
If you’re thinking of upgrading to a new voice or other communications system, Premiere Communications & Consulting can perform a full network assessment. We can work with your network requirements and existing devices to help you plan for improvements that will keep your network strong and efficient.