Introduction to Cell Boosters

It’s not your cell provider, it’s your office building

Have you ever heard: “I never have good signal inside my office, yet I have good signal outside”?
You may have said it yourself.

Cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices allow us to be connected with people all over the world. 88% of small and medium sized businesses use cell phones for important client communication and work. Having poor cellular signal in the office is frustrating and can be costly. While it’s easy to blame your cell provider for the lack of signal in your office, unless you’re in a remote area, it’s usually your building. 

Building material is the leading cause of poor cellular signal. Modern buildings, especially green buildings, are built to be energy conservative and cost-effective. Smart Glass or e-glass technology is a common choice for new commercial buildings. While this glass helps block heat and UV rays, it tends to obstruct cellular signal. Other building materials such as concrete, metal, rebar, brick, drywall, glass, and other electromagnetic material can also disrupt cellular coverage.

Only a fraction of commercial buildings have the technology in place to offer reliable cellular coverage. How do business owners and building managers keep up with the demand for better signal?

It’s called cell signal boosters.

Improve business productivity and communication with cellular enhancement

Cellular booster systems detect the outside signal and redirect it inside your commercial office building or warehouse, giving you better signal. These systems are a cost-effective alternative for distributed antenna systems (DAS) and can be installed quickly and without interruption to your work.

Whether your existing building or a building you are moving into has poor cellular coverage, Premiere Communications & Consulting can quickly respond to this issue with a cellular enhancement solution that promotes staff productivity, improves guest and patient experience, and increases overall safety and data security.

How it works
During our initial consultation with a client, we perform a site survey to record the signal strength for all major 3G and 4G cellular bands/frequencies. This helps our team develop a heat map of the current signal strength in your office space and strategically design a cellular enhancement system to maximize the signal in each area.

With a map of the outside frequency environment created, an outside directional antenna is positioned to receive the strongest signal. Internal antennas are then optimally placed in the building to bring the signal inside the office. These systems can be installed and fully functioning in as little as a few hours. 

We can help
We are partnered with industry leading manufacturers to bring you the best technology solutions. Premiere Communications and Consulting is certified to design and build customized cellular booster and repeater systems fit for your needs.

Want to boost the signal in your office space? We’re offering a free site survey, click below to schedule a consultation with us today.