Monthly Safety Meeting / Client Collaboration

Each month at Premiere we discuss how, as a team, we can do a better job of making sure that we maintain a safe work place and also train our field personnel on what to be aware of and report in order to ensure a safe client job site. Our field technicians and field project management team are often challenged to work under a wide array environments, codes, and regulations while also operating condensed construction schedules. Sometimes the security requirements alone for one of our client’s job site’s will need specialized training just to ensure we are in compliance with access protocol, and adhere to all measures that would maintain avoidance of unwanted security breaches.  Premiere is dedicated to the safety of our employees, and to our client’s specific requirements. At this month’s meeting we actually had one of our “Mission Critical” clients speak at our meeting to review their internal processes, better understand where we can help them make improvements, and congratulate the 17 badged personnel on site with the effort put forth to adhere to safety & security requirements on a daily basis! Ultimately it is our goal at Premiere to collaborate with our clients to ensure safe, secure and productive projects. It was great to see that playing out this week!