Mission Critical Pre-Build Process

We are embarking on another large Mission Critical / Data Center Pre-build! Premiere has developed a very unique process that enables us to deploy large build outs within an compacted construction window. Our ability to take a large amount of labor out of the jobsite and internalize it in our own warehouse has made for some very positive impacts on our client/s job site.  The Pre-Build has a number of benefits to our client and our general construction partners, such as: 1) Improved safety on the job site due to reduced coordination of trades at key milestones of construction, and eliminating the needs for multiple trades having to work on top of one another during the build. 2) Improved efficiency with regards to terminations, testing, and administration. 3) Huge reduction of trash on the job site, by improved coordination of delivery of material and de-trashing material packaging off site. 5) Higher quality of workmanship by completing work in a controlled environment 6) Lightening fast  deployment when arrival of our work crews on the actual job site.

In short, this process allowed us to set 350 cabinets, fully built out with connectivity, fully tested/ certified, and ready for cutover in a 3 week window. While it took a competitor  working in the adjacent building 6 months to complete a similar project of scope and scale.

Let us work with your organization to see how we can customize this process to implement your next Mission Critical / Data Center Build!  Contact Doug Terry – RCDD, NTS, RTPM, DCDC at [email protected] to find out more.